In 2010, an idea emerged

Sports were never my thing. To me, football is just a chance to have a pint with friends, tennis is just a topic to start conversation with strangers. But in 2010, an idea emerged, which got me hooked and start doing research on it, building primitive tools for it, practicing with free give-aways.

In the first year, 10£ return was made with 100£ principle used within a 2-week “trading” period across approx 5 “trades”. Quoted, as not everyone would agree those were what I called them.

Family duty called, things had gone quiet; but the idea had never faded away from the back of my head, and I had developed the full mathematics required, well, in my belief, to assist the idea. In 2013, I utilised my technical skills, statistical knowledge, and a bit of faith in my own abilities and disciplines, I adventured on the idea once again. With the more sophisticated and powerful tools that I had developed for my own tailored needs, within a 6-week period, an appox 15% of return was made. The market inefficiency still there.

Family duty called again, and in a blink, another 2 years passed …

Now in 2015, a new start; is the market inefficiency still there?  Is the power of information deeply buried in all the publicly available data still there?


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